With over 20+ years of successful operations, we continue to provide exceptional casing running services.  Our company has continued to expand services to remain competitive in the energy industry. We have a large, well-maintained inventory of equipment to provide excellent services to our clients. Management is continually hands-on in all aspects of operations and encourages all operators to actively participate in continued development of our health and safety program.  We have a solid reputation for providing excellent services with an outstanding safety record.

Our services include:

  • Volant Casing Running Tools (CRT’s): Full Service and Rentals
  • Computer Torque Monitoring
  • Casing Cleaning and Thread Inspection Services
  • Conventional/Integral Power Tongs, Handling Equipment

Presently, our service locations include Lloydminster ,SK/AB and Macklin, SK. supplying services to Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We will continue to update and expand our equipment to supply our clients with excellent services looking forward to future success.

Truck and Washing Trailer at rig site

Call us for more information or to see how we can provide services for your program.