At K&S Power Tongs safety is Priority #1

K&S POWER TONGS owners and management commit to the health and safety of all its workers.  We provide all our operators with the knowledge, proper tools and training to perform the job at hand incident free in a safe work environment.  Commitment to the communities in which we work, maintaining strict guidelines to minimize impact on the environment, quality services and a level of professionalism to build lasting relationships within the oil and gas industry is the promise of our company.

All workers are encouraged to participate in all areas of our safety program. Inspections are performed on a regular basis to our facility and equipment to identify hazards that require corrective measures. A program of monthly worksite inspections are also performed to ensure our safety policies and procedures being followed by all operators.

K&S Power Tongs is a member of three prequalification safety systems. You can view all our company safety information

Our company is industry compliant and our operators hold the following safety certificates: H2S
First Aid
H2S Alive
P.S.T. / CSO
Defensive Driving

K&S Power Tongs Ltd. believes in rigorous training as experience and skill of the operator plays a major role in the safety and efficieny of the job at hand.

Safety Training Matrix

Substance Abuse Policy

Pandemic Preparedness Policy

We successfully received our Certificate of Recognition February 2004 for developing, implementing and yearly auditing our Health and Safety Program that meets or exceeds the approved industry standards for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

SECOR Certificate

K&S Power Tongs Ltd. is a current member of ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and PICS contractor safety management systems.  We have been an ISNetworld Member since 2006, a ComplyWorks member since & PICS member since 2012.  K&S Power Tongs strives to meet & exceed the safety and environmental expectations of our industry.

ISNetworld Certificate

PICS Certificate

ComplyWorks Membership Certificate

K&S Power Tongs is insured under SGI for $5 million dollars in both Commercial General Liability & Auto Insurance Coverage

Insurance Certificate

K&S Power Tongs is an associate member in good standing with The Alberta Construction Safety Association. As our certifying partner, this company works with us to improve our health and safety program and provides yearly audits on our SECOR Program.

Certifying Membership Certificate

K&S Power Tongs operates in Alberta and Saskatchewan and is in good standing with the Worker’s compensation Board in both provinces. Clearance letters are available upon request.

Saskatchewan WCB Certificate of Achievement

K&S Power Tongs complies with the national program safety standards for the operation of our trucks on roadways.  Our company holds a Safety Fitness Rating in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

AB Safety Fitness Cert

SK Safety Fitness Cert

K&S Power Tongs provides certification for all overhead equipment as per industry standard. All certification and usage logs are available on Certificates page.

For all safety concerns, please contact Shawna – 780-875-0000 (24 Hour) || Cell: 780-205-3335