Power Tong Running Services (Conventional & Integral)

K&S Power Tongs trains and mentors all power tong operators to run our quality fleet of conventional and integral power tongs with skilled safety and efficiency.  We supply all necessary details of the casing run with certified handling equipment.  All our equipment is regularly maintained and inspected with supporting documentation as requested.

Specializing in:
Surface Casing
• Intermediate Casing
• Production Casing
• Running and retrieval of casing, tubing and frac liners

Casing Running Tools (CRTi)

K&S Power Tongs offers a full range of Volant CRT’s from 4 ½” to 13 3/8”

The Volant CRT is designed for top drive equipped rigs and its compact design is compatible with most rig configurations and sizes.  The completely mechanical design simplifies operations to minimize downtime.  Its operation and rig-in remains instinctively simple: a duel release safety mechanism combining weight and reverse rotation is necessary for the CRT to be released from the casing.  The ability to rotate, circulate, and reciprocate your casing instantly, reduces the probability of stuck casing in the most challenging hole conditions.  This system is designed to be operated “unmanned” meaning only the driller is needed for the tool’s operation, there for reducing the amount of people and equipment required on the rig floor to run casing.

Specializing in:
• Make/break connection, fill, circulate, rotate, reciprocate, cement through and well capabilities
• Lightweight and compact
• Single connection rig-in
• Immediate solutions for challenging hole conditions

  • Casing drilling applications
Computer-Torque Turn Monitoring

K&S Power Tongs uses the AllTorque Computerized Torque Control System. This increases Torque accuracy during pipe make up generating detailed reports of every connection (torque, turns & RPM) proving job completion and accuracy. The unit is very reliable, accurate and easy to use. Automated shut-down eliminates over torque and increases on site efficiency.

Specializing in:

  • Record and report: torque, turns, RPM, and where applicable, should points on premium connections
  • Request correct alignment during make-up to prevent galling of threads
  • Provide the customer with a detailed report of the make-up of each tubular connection, including rejected connections
  • Intercede when necessary to help save connections from damage due to high RPM, over torque, over rotation, and alignment issues
  • When issues arise relating to connection make up, hydraulic power is bypassed to mitigate damages immediately
  • Stop the make-up of a connection if characteristics of thread damage are observed, or for any other reason
Power Thread Washing & Thread Inspection

Proper preparation is an important step in ensuring that a casing string will perform to its maximum life expectancy

K&S Power Tongs offers inspection services to ensure that the manufacturers’ running procedures are followed and that every connection is visually and/or mechanically inspected prior to makeup.

K&S Power Tongs offers a complete self-contained power thread washing unit to professionally clean the thread and seal areas of both the box and pin ends on any API, Premium Connection and Drill Pipe. All connections, prior to make-up should be free of all foreign material to ensure proper thread engagement and seal integrity. Thread washing can prevent costly connection leaks and/or recuts, while extending the life of the threads and seal areas of the box and pin end. This unit can be used on the rig floor or at the pipe racks. Catch basins and drain hoses enable all solvents to be disposed of properly.

Torque Testing of Service Rig Power Tongs

The AW-Scale System was designed to display live applied torque to casing/pipe.  The system utilized custom designed gauge tension load cells to monitor a fast and accurate response to the line pull from the tongs.  The digital indicator then records the torque reading and stores them in its internal memory. 

Minimum/Optimum/Maximum torque values are programmed into the system.  Tong lever length is adjustable to accommodate all power tongs.  A Certificate of Torque Test is issued which shows the desired torque reading achieved at a set PSI for maximum RPM on tongs.

Equipment Rentals & Light Oilfield Hotshot

K&S Power Tongs provides the oil and gas industry with excellent equipment and superior service.  Equipment for rent is inspected and certified as per industry standard.  We also provide delivery and pickup services.

Call us for more information or to see how we can provide services for your program.